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Well it finally happened, Tony Abbott has been deposed as the Prime Minister. This week on The RawCut Podcast, Sarah and Rhys, have an in-depth conversation about what happened on that eventful Monday. Plus news about one of our regular panelists.


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In this episode of the RawCut Podcast Rhys and the pranksters Sarah and Brett, chat about Tony Abbott trying to remove the benefit of the doubt when prosecuting terrorists, how is data retention going to impact everyday Australians, and dangerous drugs at music festivals.

All on this episode of the RawCut.



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What a crazy week it has been. In this episode of The RawCut Podcast the now famous AJ Rae and Rhys explore what has happened up in the Northern Territory, why the Liberal Party is embarrassing it’s self by trying to oust its leader, and why AJ is now famous.

That is all in this episode of The RawCut Podcast.



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Welcome to the first podcast for 2015, this week Rhys Jarrett, Sarah Hammond and RawCut Podcast noob Brett Freeman talk about the Medicare back-flip, and that 18C thing again.


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This is the first Soapbox episode Rhys talks about the liberal party’s new cabinet and why it doesn’t help their policies, and was Sony partly to blame for their hack? Plus a special talk from Vinh Giang, the magician entrepreneur extraordinaire.

All that in this year’s last episode of the RawCut Podcast.


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