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In this episode “That Bloke” Peter Leeton joins Rhys to co host and we’re missing the sound effects, where are they? Also we discuss the G20, ABC Cuts, What Jackie Lambe is doing, How the education reforms are going, and what are TPV’s?

All on this episode of the RawCut Podcast.



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In this episode we take a look at Jacqui Lambe’s new thing, the craziness of the USA’s mid-term elections and we look into the weird world of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Podcast Hosts:

Rhys Jarrett

Ben Krieg



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In this episode we hear Mathias Cormann do his best Schwarzenegger impersonation, Scott Morrison falsely accusing Tanya Plibersek of putting government workers in harm’s way, and a Murdoch says something good for a change.



Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Nine Network Today Show

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In this episode we talk about Tony Abbott starting a new War, the secret swan island, and British American Tobacco’s new passion project.

Podcast Hosts:

Rhys Jarrett

Aija Rae



E Cigarettes:

ASIS Mistreatment:

Tony Abbott Interview:

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Welcome everybody this is our first episode of the podcast. In this episode we talk about what Malcolm Turnbull wants to do with Community TV, Jacqui Lambie on sharia law and youth in politics. Sources from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.