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Donald Trump is the next president of the United States after a long, bitter and divisive election campaign, according to projections. Projections early on Wednesday showed that Trump clinched victory over Hillary Clinton to become the 45th US president-elect after securing the 270 electoral votes needed to win. “This is a political bombshell that we haven’t…

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Newsweek has reported on U.S. presidential elections since the aftermath of the 1932 race, and when our first issue printed in February 1933, news wasn’t as easy to find. It was shouted into living rooms through muffled radios and headlines echoed through streets as paperboys flagged down the curious. We don’t live in that world anymore;…

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Article by: Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has linked Britain’s decision to leave the European Union back to inequality and people being marginalised, in a counter to Malcolm Turnbull’s call for stability in the wake of the British vote.

Delivering his final week address to the National Press Club, Shorten said the Brexit by itself was “no cause for alarm – but its political and economic lessons cannot and should not be ignored”.

“The Liberals invoke it to call for stability – but they fundamentally misunderstand the source-spring of the instability,” he said.

“It comes from a sense of inequality, from people being marginalised, forgotten. A sense that political promises are wasted words.

“It comes from exactly the same sort of policies Malcolm Turnbull offers at this election. Tax cuts for the rich, nothing for the working and middle class.

“Telling a generation of young people, shut out of the housing market, to ‘get rich parents’. Pricing kids out of universities, cutting funding from Medicare.

“It comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of the world economy and the Australian economy.”

The Brexit vote has been consistently invoked by the government, which wants the election debate on economic issues as much as possible.

Shorten said what Australia needed most of all was the political capacity to build and invest in the economy, without giving away the returns. This included investment in education; roads, rail, bridges and ports; the NBN, and Medicare.

Shorten asked whether Turnbull planned to legislate and lock in his full A$50 billion tax cut for the next ten years, regardless of events, or whether he would ditch it if times changed.

When questioned on whether he wanted to give himself any flexibility to break promises if circumstances changed, Shorten indicated he didn’t need it. He was confident a Labor government could keep the promises made because it had done so much work on them in opposition.

Shorten said that when there was global uncertainty and domestic fragility “the last thing our economy and our society needs is a Liberal Party assault on the living standards of working and middle-class families”.

“The gathering push of extreme right-wing populism around the globe are a warning to all of us not to leave people behind. Governments must include and empower people.

“We must give every citizen a sense of being an active participant in transition, not a passive observer of change.”

If Australia wanted a strong free-market economy open to the world, living standards had to be lifted and participation encouraged, Shorten said.

“We have to make Australians partners in the national project. If we want to transition our economy, we have to take people with us.

“The best inoculation against division and regression is inclusive economic growth. That is the real choice between Mr Turnbull and myself.”

He accused Turnbull of lying over Medicare. “Next time you see the Liberal ad where Mr Turnbull says ‘Medicare funding is guaranteed’ you should know that he is lying to your face.”

Tuesday’s Essential poll showed Shorten’s campaign on Medicare is biting. It showed that 50% thought it was likely a re-elected Liberal government would attempt to privatise Medicare, with only 34% saying it was unlikely.

The Conversation

Michelle Grattan, Professorial Fellow, University of Canberra

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Tonight in Canberra the Liberal Party voted on who will be their leader and subsequently Prime Minister of Australia. Throughout the afternoon today their have been press conferences from the two major candidates for the leadership, current incumbent and Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The only way that we will remain a high wage, generous social welfare net, first-world society is if we have outstanding…

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull on Sunday, September 13, 2015

I have been heartened by the messages of support flooding into Liberal MPs’ offices this evening saying most…

Posted by Tony Abbott on Monday, September 14, 2015

Criticism from the opposition came momentarily after the press conferences.

Australia does not need another arrogant, out of touch Liberal leader – Australia needs a change of government.

Posted by Bill Shorten MP on Monday, September 14, 2015

In the shadows of this leadership challenge is the Canning By-election, which is being seen by the major parties as a micro referendum on the current government.

As of about 10:50pm AEST the Ballot of the challenge was released by the Whips of the government, with Malcolm Turnbull winning the leadership by 54 votes to Tony Abbot’s 44 votes. Julie Bishop continues her role as deputy leader of the party winning 70 votes to Kevin Andrews 30 votes.

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In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that Same Sex Marriage is now legal in the USA.

Press conference from the US President above.

President Obama reacted to the decision on Twitter:

You can read the full Supreme Court ruling here:

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One Chinese government agency is so proud of how well they censor the Internet that they put their feelings to music.

China’s Internet censorship agency now has it’s own choral anthem, a song titled “The Mind and Spirit of Cyberspace Security.” The New York Times reported Thursday that the lyrics to the song — which praises the agency’s commitment “to the global village, evolving it into its most beautiful form” — were written by Wang Pingjiu, who also wrote the lyrics for the opening song to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

ProPublica watched, translated and subtitled the video.

Although the Times reported that copies of the video are being deleted quickly, ProPublica found copies easily on the popular Chinese social media site Sina Weibo.

In the song, employees proudly declare not only loyalty to their work, but that it is transforming the world into a better place. Lyrics include:

  • “With loyalty and devotion, we watch over our domain day and night”
  • “Contributing to the global village, evolving it into its most beautiful form”
  • “In this universe, as hundreds of rivers flow across all of China, loyally searching for the sea, they carry with them the great Chinese culture and measure China’s greatness.”

While it is difficult to translate the exact meaning behind a song, one particular lyric could be referencing an old Chinese proverb — 水能载舟,亦能覆舟 — which stresses that while water can keep a boat afloat, it can also flip it over. The lyric, which reads “Integrity ripples only from a clear and pure nation,” may be referencing the fact that without integrity, the nation would flip over the government.

The official “Mind and Spirit” values of the Cyberspace Administration is defined by the agency as “Loyalty, responsibility, innovation, integrity, unity and devotion.”

In 2013, ProPublica published 527 user-posted images that were deleted by censors at Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site similar to Twitter. In an effort to discover what causes a user’s posts to be censored, ProPublica also found that the lives of users or their families were sometimes threatened because of material they had posted online.

Also, every day since Nov. 17, 2014, ProPublica has been testing whether the homepages of international news organizations are accessible to browsers inside China. See the results.

Here is our translation:


“The Mind and Spirit of Cyberspace Security” (《网信精神》)







网络强国 网在哪, 光荣梦想在哪

网络强国 从遥远的宇宙到思念的家

网络强国 告诉世界中国梦在崛起大中华

网络强国 一个我在世界代表着国家







With loyalty and devotion, we watch over our domain day and night,

to serve our mission as the sun rises in the east.

Creating each day with innovation, embracing its brightness,

just like a beam of integrity that moves your heart.

Unifying the strength of all living things,

contributing to the global village, evolving it into its most beautiful form.


An Internet power — Where there is Internet, there are glory and dreams.

An Internet power — From the distant cosmos to the homes that we miss.

An Internet power — Telling the world that the Chinese Dream is lifting up China.

An Internet power — Each individual represents the whole nation.

In this universe, as all rivers loyally search for the sea,

they carry China’s great culture and measure China’s greatness.

Five thousand years of history condensed to illuminate innovation.

Integrity ripples only from a clear and pure nation.

We are unified in the center of the universe.

Our faith and devotion flow far and wide, like the everlong Yellow River and Yangtze.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Article by Sisi Wei and Yue Qiu
ProPublica, Feb. 12, 2015, 4:31 p.m.