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Here at RawCut we decided to roam the polling booths of the Adelaide Hills to see what the locals thought about the candidates they voted for, and why. Below is a collection of videos from our Facebook page, which you can like at .

What Dose Briggs Deliver?

Interview With Greens Candidate Nathan Daniell

What is Echunga Voting For?

What is Mylor Voting For?

Why was Get Up at polling booths?


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In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that Same Sex Marriage is now legal in the USA.

Press conference from the US President above.

President Obama reacted to the decision on Twitter:

You can read the full Supreme Court ruling here:

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The Full Episode

Sarah Hammond our host of Pranks4KidsArthritis speaks about her journey through life, and how she lives with Juvenile Arthritis. She tells us how everyone can help with this cause to help kids with arthritis.


Sarah Hammond
Rhys Jarrett
Brett Freeman
Marjorie Hammond
Joan Torsney
Belinda Sims

Find out more at or on their Facebook.

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Sarah gets at back Peter on his 20th birthday, with a massive prank. You all better share this video and spread the word about Pranks4KidsArthritis.

Pranks4KidsArthritis is all about raising awareness to help people understand kids arthritis, and RawCut is there to capture it all and put on the net.

You can post your pranks on the Pranks4KidsArthritis Facebook page and we might feature them in our next video.

Video Credits:

Rhys Jarrett (Crew)
Sarah Hammond
Peter Leeton
And other attendees of the party.

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Pranking for Charity, why didn’t someone think of it sooner?

This video will show you how to do a Prank and all in the name of Charity (Kids Get Arthritis too..)


Rhys Jarrett (Crew)
Sarah Hammond
Danielle Davies
Peter Leeton
Brett Freeman

Special Mention:

Kaiy Azadegan

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