Liberal Spill Thrill

Liberal Spill Thrill

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Rhys Jarrett Explains Why He Thinks The Spill Motion Came To Be.

It was the early spring of 2013, the birds where singing, the flowers where blooming, and the politicians where shouting…

It was election time in Australia and what looked to be quite a dismal outcome [in my mind] for Australia’s next Prime Minister (PM), at least according to what the poll’s said. Election promises were flying left, right and centre, politically and figuratively speaking of course. Tony Abbott was the Liberal Party’s big push for PM and the Labor Party opted to rely on an old favourite, Kevin Rudd, even though the favouritism had worn off in the public’s mind. The Liberal Party pushed for (imagine saying this next paraphrase in a deep God-like voice) ‘Economic Stability, and Political Stability’, while the Labor Party just pushed for what looked to be the same tired and conflicted Government.

The big day finally came the, 7th of September 2013. This was to be my first Vote in an Australian election, I strolled into my local Primary School hall feeling optimistic that my vote will make a difference, while hoping that Tony Abbott didn’t get voted in as PM. Yes! I don’t like Conservatives, they’re too old fashioned and don’t accept change that will be good for society.

Well as most of us know, the verdict for that election was the Liberal Party winning a clear majority in the House of Representatives, with a highly confusing senate. This made me describe the election outcome with two words, “Oh, Crap…”, though I still had an optimistic glimmer of hope that some of the new Senators would have rational decision making skills.

Months had passed, and we’re into 2014, I continued to have a heavy cynical view of the government while many people around me including my family, still feel that Tony Abbott may do something good. Then, one event that changed many peoples minds about the Liberal Party happened, the 2014 Budget. With its vast range of cuts to many areas of Government services including, Education, Welfare, and Youth Services, myself and majority of Australia started to believe that the Liberal Party may not be the best thing for Australia. The new found discontent with the Liberal Government filtered through to the Senate, where the new minor parties hold the power to pass or stop the budget legislation passing into Australian law. My optimism in the senate, in part, payed off, and most of the budget was not passed.

It is now 2015, and most of the budget has still not passed. At the time of writing this article we’re closely approaching the year marker where the budget was announced in 2014. You can now visibly see the frustration on the faces of elected members in the Liberal Party, with the most on the PM. When I see Tony Abbott on the Television doing a live press conference, to me, he looks like a carefully disguised nervous wreck. So when it came to the Prince Philip Knighthood, this must have been the last straw for many of the elected Liberal Party members, as stupid as it sounds. Now with the pressure of the polls caving in on Tony Abbott many members of the Liberal Government are changing their mind about the guy, which brings us to the recent false start to a Liberal leadership spill.

The reason I believe that a leadership spill would not have worked, is that the public has woke up to the policies of the Liberal party, and they don’t agree with them. The Liberals need to wake up and listen to the public because most of them don’t want fundamentalist conservative policies. My view is that in  the public’s mind this is simply not a popularity contest between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, but discontentment with old fashioned policies.

Here is my final thought, I do wonder what this country will be like if the Liberal Party was more successful in Government. What do you think? Add a comment below.

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