Pyne You’re No Angel To The ABC

Pyne You’re No Angel To The ABC

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On Wednesday the education minister Christopher Pyne a South Australian member of parliament, launched a partition on to try and save the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) South Australian production house.

The problem with this is that Mr Pyne is one advocating for cuts to the ABC. ‘Oh, but they only need to cut back office operations’ he would say, throwing the back office term around like a football, thinking the function is not important to the organization.

But the reasoning for the ABC cutting the budget of some programs is a little more complicated than just a political statement, but a business investment decision.

We want the ABC to be the home of Australian stories and conversations—not just on the platforms that have dominated the past, but on the platforms that will be central to the future in an online and mobile world.

— Mark Scott, Managing Director, ABC, 13th October, 2014

Mark Scott the managing director of the ABC wants to have a pool of funding to be able to invest into more online and new innovative services, and to prop up the rising costs for older online services. The reason that these program cuts we are seeing being discussed, is because the ABC has lost its earlier pool of money to invest into new innovative services. In the past, savings that the ABC have been able to make from previous funding rounds by the federal government have been used to start services like iView, and ABC News 24. These services are now considered by the Australian public as essential for the ABC to operate, and if we the Australian people want more innovations like iView and not to mention how valuable News 24 is, the ABC needs this extra funding. In fact I wouldn’t be mentioning the funding as extra if the government didn’t decide to take it away.

As Mr Scott said to a senate estimates committee this week ‘We need to decide if the ABC wants to continually innovate or not’ then the arrogant senator on the panel replied ‘Well we are all conservative’ #FaceParm.


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