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In this episode of The RawCut Podcast Mark, Rhys and Arsene discuss the new plan from the South Australian Government for powering the state. But there’s another problem on the horizon, a Gas shortage. The panel will question how one of the largest gas-producing countries (Australia) could potentially suffer from a gas shortage. Plus what is happening in European politics? Mark will explain to us how politics in the Netherlands works, so we can understand their recent election.

All that and more in this episode of The RawCut Podcast.



ABC (News & 7.30)

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It’s looking like Labor will win this year’s Queensland election. In 2012 the Labor Party had a landslide lost to the Liberal National Party in Queensland, with the Liberals winning with 78 seats and Labor getting 7, the final 4 seats went to Bob Katter’s party and independents.

It was expected that this election would return the Liberals to government with a smaller number of seats retained, but many have been gobsmacked with Labor’s performance with a high possibility of forming government.

Stay tuned to this page for more updates as the vote count finalizes.

Below is a live tally of the count from the ABC.



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In this episode we take a look at Jacqui Lambe’s new thing, the craziness of the USA’s mid-term elections and we look into the weird world of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Podcast Hosts:

Rhys Jarrett

Ben Krieg