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It’s time to vote, this month newcomers to the show Kyle and Zinia talk to Rhys about their opinion on the same-sex marriage survey and what their voting decision is. Plus we take a look at our media with a roundup on the latest from the Community TV switch off and we talk about the recent changes to media law that will change the ownership our media, for better or for worse.

All that and more on this episode of The RawCut Podcast.


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In this episode of The RawCut Podcast Sarah and Rhys take a deep dive into the 2017 budget and its effects on young people and disabled people. Later Mark and Rhys review what happened at the recent constitutional convention in Uluru, for indigenous peoples recognition in the constitution.

All that and more on this episode of The RawCut Podcast.











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In this episode of The RawCut Podcast Mark, Rhys and Arsene discuss the new plan from the South Australian Government for powering the state. But there’s another problem on the horizon, a Gas shortage. The panel will question how one of the largest gas-producing countries (Australia) could potentially suffer from a gas shortage. Plus what is happening in European politics? Mark will explain to us how politics in the Netherlands works, so we can understand their recent election.

All that and more in this episode of The RawCut Podcast.



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In this RawCut Podcast special Rhys sits down with MP Rebekha Sharkie, (NXT) to discuss why she ran for election and what her plans for the Electorate of Mayo are.

Rebekha Sharkie was elected at the 2016 election to represent the people of Mayo, to the surprise of the political establishment. Her election disrupted the Liberal Party reign over the seat since 1984, when the seat was established.

Stay tuned to rawcut.com.au and @RawCutAU on social media for video of the interview.

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In this special podcast produced by RawCut, young people from the electorate of Mayo in the Adelaide Hills get to ask the candidates questions about the issues that matter to them. The candidates on the panel for this Q&A forum are Luke Dzivinski (Liberal Democratic Party), Rebekha Sharkie (Nick Xenophon Team), Nathan Daniel (Australian Greens), Bruce Hicks (Family First).

Discus this Q&A forum on social media using the hashtag #Chips&Mayo and let us know what you think.


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This month on The RawCut Podcast, Sarah, Rhys and Mark, have an in-depth conversation about what happened over the past month in politics. We chat about the Senate voting reforms and how it will affect you, a new media law proposal that could mean mass corporate consolidation, and for the first time we introduce a new segment…

All that and more in this episode of The RawCut Podcast.



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