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In this episode of the RawCut Podcast, we explore what happened in this weird year that we experienced. Also, Rhys explains the longest and most bizarre constitutional crisis Australia is currently going through, the citizenship crisis.

RawCut thanks, everyone who listened and contributed to the show throughout 2017, and you will be hearing us again in 2018.

Disclosure: RawCut was paid by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Mayo, Rebekha Sharkie, to produce video media for the Member of Parliament’s promotional purposes. Opinions expressed on The RawCut Podcast that involve Rebekha Sharkie as MP for Mayo, are not influenced by the services that were required by the MP and the subsequent payment made for them. The MP for Mayo has no editorial control over content produced by RawCut and distributed through RawCut.com.au, social media, and other RawCut branded media outlets.










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In this special podcast produced by RawCut, young people from the electorate of Mayo in the Adelaide Hills get to ask the candidates questions about the issues that matter to them. The candidates on the panel for this Q&A forum are Luke Dzivinski (Liberal Democratic Party), Rebekha Sharkie (Nick Xenophon Team), Nathan Daniel (Australian Greens), Bruce Hicks (Family First).

Discus this Q&A forum on social media using the hashtag #Chips&Mayo and let us know what you think.